Agera Venture accelerates scale-ups on their growth journey.


We look for early-stage scale-ups with a product or service launched in the market, with a skilled and dedicated team, in need of expertise and capital to achieve growth.


The companies we invest in usually reside in the Agera offices for a period of 12-18 months. Each scale-up receives a tailored growth program and a dedicated advisory team that will work closely with them through the course of the program. In addition, the scale-ups can leverage deep specialist experience from Agera Consulting and access Ageras network.


We believe that through active ownership and direct involvement in our portfolio companies we increase their chance of success. Our goal is to cover a gap in investments between seed capital and private equity funds.




Simplifai is a Norwegian AI company offering automation of customer service. Our key expertise includes digitalisation of processes, AI strategy work, solution specification, project planning and implementation. Their innovative robotics-as-a-service for traditional back-office tasks, brings increased efficiency and better risk management for maritime professionals and the banking industry.


Up Norway is aiming at being the market leader for personalized travel in Norway, catering to primarily upper-middle class and middle class travelers. Up Norway provide their services through their digital platform where tourists have their trip tailored to their needs.


CarePacks’ mission is to make lifestyle choices more convenient in everyday life. They provide healthier in-between-meals for increased productivity on subscription, catering to corporations and to consumers via partners like “Godt Levert”.


LipScore offers a customer rating and review service. The platform provides a simple user experience that outcompetes existing solutions on the market. This leads to a high volume of responses, which in turn increases the clients sales and customer satisfaction.

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Autility aims to be leading in smart building intelligence platforms enabling management of autonomous buildings. The company has developed an AI-powered property manager, providing real estate owners with a workhorse that tirelessly governs the entire portfolio and constantly finds new ways of reducing cost, increasing operational efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction.

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Sponz enables people to support their local sports team or desired non-profit organization through their mobile subscription, without paying anything extra. Instead of using resources on marketing and advertising, Sponz directs the money to the subscribers desired organization. In February 2020 Sponz sold the entire customer portfolio to Hudya AB.

What our founders say about us:


"We at Simplifai are very happy with Agera and perceive them as an extended arm of our own company."


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Jan Erik Sørgaard
Partner, Agera Venture
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Tom Holmen
CEO Agera Venture
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Kremena Tosheva
Investment Associate
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Andreas Wabø
Founder/Managing Partner
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Gowsi Vathanagopalan
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Marthe Marie Tangen
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Sindre Darre
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Tale Lefdal Helland

We’re continuously expanding our portfolio.

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